Who We Are

Calagran is part of Corporación Cervino XXI, S.L., a business holding company engaged in diversifying business and financial investments, with a presence in different countries, founded in 1927 with family-owned private capital. As a subsidiary, our activity at Calagran focuses on the industrial and residential real estate sector, with our main area of influence being the Catalonia region. Currently, Calagran manages over 100 properties in highly strategic areas.

We are a solid, dynamic, flexible company that adapts to change. Innovation is one of our goals, and we have a committed and highly professional team.

For over 50 years, Calagran has been managing its entire real estate asset exhaustively. The effectiveness of Calagran’s management lies in the comprehensive control of all aspects related to the property portfolio, from legal and contractual matters to the management of corresponding supplies, including detailed and rigorous monitoring of the maintenance of all properties. The goal is to offer quality customer service that fully satisfies the interests of our clients/tenants. This management is carried out through a professional and specialized team in the sector, always respecting the values that guide the conduct of this company, such as sustainability and respect for the environment, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.