Quality Policy

The company’s quality policy is to meet the needs of the customer in leasing and property management, ensuring compliance with the contractual relationship, profitability, and continuous improvement of the quality management system. The guidelines emanating from this policy can be summarized in the following principles or basic objectives:
  • To continuously meet and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, fostering the participation of all employees.
  • Improve customer perception by ensuring compliance with contractual terms and timely management of complaints, thereby ensuring customer continuity.
  • Maximize the number of leased properties while ensuring the profitability of the organization.
  • Ensure the maintenance of asset conditions by adapting warehouses to current regulations and guaranteeing the proper state of assets for quick placement
  • Comply with current legal requirements affecting the company’s activities.
  • Evaluate and manage risks associated with the activity
  • Promote training in all areas as a cornerstone of continuous improvement in carrying out activities.
  • Monitor and track the objectives set in the “Scorecard” (Balanced Scorecard), measure the results achieved, and implement improvement actions to correct deviations.
All the above objectives should lead to the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers and stakeholders by meeting their needs and expectations. This Quality Policy is understood and embraced by all company personnel and collaborators. Additionally, it will be made available to interested parties. Management is committed to ensuring the implementation of this policy and to periodically reviewing its content, adapting it to the nature of the activities, as well as to the overall strategy of the company. Barcelona, February 8, 2021.