Mission, Vision, and Values

At Calagran, we share corporate values that are respected and applied by the entire team.


Our mission is to build and/or rehabilitate real estate through projects characterized by high standards of efficiency, quality, safety, and well-being, always respecting the environment and surroundings. Our aim is to provide rental options for our clients, businesses, and individuals, all through turnkey projects that enable immediate installation and ensure profitability.


To be a specialized real estate company focused on rental properties with a portfolio of properties developed according to high market standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability, strategically located, and offering distinguished by excellence in customer service based on professional ethics, trust, seriousness, and efficiency. All of this in pursuit of maximizing the value of investments in the medium and long term, while providing maximum satisfaction to the needs of our clients.


The corporate social responsibility of Calagran, as a company within the Molina Group, is based on the following values, which are manifested in every business activity of the Group, both in dealings with customers, suppliers, and in the professional development of its employees.

Our corporate responsibility is based on commitment, trust, and transparency. We respect these principles that dictate our behavior within the company, towards society in general, and always with sensitivity to the environment.

We promote cordial and respectful human relationships, creating a positive environment within the organization that facilitates integration and gives each person the opportunity to develop their full potential.

We encourage acting honestly and consistently even in difficult situations and communicating intentions, ideas, and feelings openly and directly.

We encourage creativity and questioning of the status quo to develop business growth opportunities.

We commit to an attitude of continuous improvement in embodying our values and achieving our business goals.