Although initially Calagran’s investment was predominantly focused on the industrial sector, with the acquisition of warehouses located in Barcelona and key industrial estates within the Metropolitan area of the Catalan capital, and subsequently in other areas of Catalonia through the development of industrial estates and the purchase of industrial land, over time there has been a process of expansion into other sectors of the real estate market, especially in the residential domain.

With the aim of having a portfolio of properties with high-quality standards, investments have been made in exclusive estates located in privileged spaces, both in Catalonia and internationally, as evidenced by the promotions that have been carried out. São Luís de Maranhão (Brazil), with a modern and innovative project.

The implementation of this investment policy allows us to currently have a wide range of exceptional residential properties available for purchase and rental, capable of meeting the demands of the most discerning customers.

Domestic Investments

Our extensive experience in the real estate sector drives us to analyze opportunities in different markets with the aim of enhancing our asset portfolio. To achieve this goal, we assess the opportunity to make investments based on strict quality parameters, such as:

  • Search for locations with proven commercial viability tailored to each business model.
  • Market scenario analysis: purchase or rental options, as well as potential activities that can be developed in the area.
  • Real estate product development.
  • Thorough analysis of the product and its potential demand.
  • Financial-real estate analysis of investments.
  • Asset valuation and due diligence.

As a result of the rigorous application of these parameters, we have been able to build a significant portfolio located in the First Crown of Barcelona, which, thanks to its excellent location and connectivity, boasts a high occupancy rate.

International Investments


One of the latest investments we have undertaken is a real estate project (Aivia Cube) located in Sao Luis, Brazil, a strategic location due to the significance of its seaport (Itaqui) and the considerable economic development currently observed in the country.

Aivia Cube is a residential real estate project with modern and detailed architecture. One of the most innovative features of this project is the combination of exclusive apartments with common spaces, such as a cutting-edge pool or a fitness area, designed for the leisure and enjoyment of all residents.